My steel glass is home

It’s a sickness, this agitation. The itch of wanting to move, just move towards something, anything, has settled in my nerves, making my blood vessels heavy with responsibility to fight with myself, for myself, for nothing. Every breath seems like silk dragged across nails, not coming out the wholesome way it went in. It’s missing, … Continue reading My steel glass is home


Cairo 678 runs in the background

I remember I was around eight years old when I was first exposed to this whole other world where women were naturally inclined to become soldiers. Ma and I were walking hand in hand to the market, she was laughing about my addiction to cream buns from this particular bakery we had crossed. “We’ll get them while going back,” she was assuring me, when a drunk man grabbed her and pulled. The shock of it broke our linked hands and she pushed him away.

Why I’m thinking of Home, Bangalore Days, and Radio Indigo

Moving to Hyderabad was a well thought out plan. I was mentally prepared to leave home, and emotionally desperate to. Though getting accepted by the University of my choice was doubtful, I was prepared to leave and start living alone. I did this knowing my parents would miss me quite a bit, and they allowed … Continue reading Why I’m thinking of Home, Bangalore Days, and Radio Indigo